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Concrete Finishers


$18.00 - $28.00/hr.




Concrete Carpenters



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Job Availability

Applicants are hired based on current company need. 

Please feel free to leave an application on file for our office to contact you when new positions are available.  

Equal Opportunity Employment


It is the policy of O’Dorisio Carpentry & Concrete, LLC. not to discriminate against any applicant for employment, or any employee because of age, color, sex, disability, national origin, race, religion, or veteran status. O’Dorisio Carpentry & Concrete, LLC. will take affirmative action to ensure that the EEO Policy is implemented, with particular regard to: advertising, application procedures, compensation, demotion, employment, fringe benefits, job assignment, job classification, layoff, leave, promotion, recruitment, rehire, social activities, training, termination, transfer, upgrade, and working conditions. It is the policy of O’Dorisio Carpentry & Concrete, LLC. that all company activities, facilities, and job sites are non-segregated. Separate or single-user toilet facilities are provided to assure privacy. It is the policy of O’Dorisio Carpentry & Concrete, LLC. to ensure and maintain a working environment free of coercion, harassment, and intimidation at all job sites, and in all facilities at which employees are assigned to work.

Drug Testing and Substance Abuse Policy

As a condition of employment with our company, new hires must pass an initial drug screening.  Random drug screenings may be issued during the course of employment.  

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