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"Daniel fully executed several different, mirror image, and very complex concrete pit designs for processing equipment that were recessed into an existing factory floor slab with dewatering just to add another twist. This project was perhaps the most difficult set of cubic and geometric forms of concrete that I have designed in my 42 years of experience in the design industry. Daniel's work was performed on time and within the owner's budget, free of error or omission and finished to absolute perfection. I recently completed a large SFR basement project with sloping theater floors, 12" thick reinforced and formed 14 foot tall walls, buttressed columns and the like with a well known local competing concrete contractor and I have wished many days over that I had only known Daniel then. He could have saved me and my owner a lot of time; aggravation = expense. I would not hesitate for a moment to utilize Daniel's expertise again. You will most certainly gain an equal respect for his capabilities, attitude and professionalism should you chose to work with him as well."  - GERALD F. MARTIN, AIA, NCARB ,   Martin   &   Martin   Architecture ,  Inc. 

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